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Our Recruitment Approach

For many companies the recruiting and screening of new employees is a complicated and time-consuming process, this has to do with the fact that for most companies the recruitment of staff is not part of their core business. As a specialist recruiter, More Recruitment will gladly look after that process for you. Our specialists have years of experience in recruitment, giving us the ability to quickly and efficiently find the right candidate for your organization. We use our extensive network, a private resume database and other channels, including job boards to find the perfect candidates. We like to personally meet with our clients at the start of the recruitment process so that we can discuss the kind of candidate you are looking for and what criteria he/she must meet. Our specialists will also get an immediate impression of your company, ambience and culture giving us the tools to find a successful match for your organisation. More Recruitment We ensure that you have a designated contact person within our organization who will keep you constantly informed regarding progress, whilst the other partners work just as hard behind the scenes to find the right candidate for your organization. This means that you have the benefit of one point of contact with several other specialists working on your behalf. This recruitment approach speeds up the process, improves the quality and ensures that we can draw candidates from multiple networks. After we have interviewed candidates and evaluated their capabilities, we will present you with a short list. Then, at your request, we can plan in interviews with the candidates that you have chosen, interviews can vary from one to three with the possibility of an assessment. Interviews can also take place at our offices, for example, if you are recruiting for a confidential vacancy, or if your organisation does not yet have offices in The Netherlands but plans to open an office here. In addition we also offer the opportunity for clients and candidates to come in contact with each other via a state of the art video conference facility. We will send you a link, which takes you directly through to a video conference room, where you can speak to one or more persons live. This system also gives users the opportunity to show various documents and data/or PowerPoint presentations during the interview. After having received your agreement to our tailored proposal, we will immediately start the recruitment process.