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Types of Employment

More Recruitment offers various types of employment possibilities to meet the needs of client and candidate. For temporary positions we have enlisted the services of a reputable payroll partner that is ABU certified. Not only does this give us the opportunity to offer our clients temporary staff, it also makes it possible for us to offer clients agency contracts. If you need to fill a position on short notice we have access to our extensive CV database and candidate network. Depending on the job profile, we can normally supply a suitable candidate within 24 hours. We are also available during out of office hours to both clients and candidates.


Candidate enters directly into employment contract with the client. Our remit is solely based on candidate search and selection.

Temporary to Permanent (contracting)

Candidate will be appointed on a temporary basis, with the possibility of being taken on a permanent basis by the employer after the expiry of the contract term.


Temporary contracts to cover (e.g. pregnancy, holidays or when there is no possibility of a permanent contract). In these cases, a temporary employment contract will be drawn up.


Supply experienced specialists who can be immediately deployed.