• Key account manager

    More Recruitment is what I expect from a recruitment agency.

    A Recruiter who goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients, not only in finding the employer a suitable employee, but also in counselling the employee throughout the process. And if there is a mismatch or things just don’t click between the parties, he is the sort of person who does his utmost to stick by the candidate he believes in and therefore find an alternative position. I naturally speak on the basis of my own experience in this regard.

    In the current Dutch market, the agency and recruitment game has become a highly impersonal business in which the jobseeker is expected to carry out the duties that a recruiter or agency previously did, and which I for one still expect any service provider to perform.

    Fortunately, Joost proved to me that caring recruitment agencies still exist, in helping me find a job after a lengthy search. He took my personal situation into account and found a company that understood my needs and wants, rather than simply expecting me to meet its own.

    I am truly grateful to Joost and More Recruitment for the genuine help and guidance they offered me, and would recommend them as an intermediary to literally anyone looking for a job.

    - Key account manager
  • SAP Specialist

    Brian is an expert principal recruitment Consultant, who has very diverse experience in recruitment Industry.
    His knowledge on Europe and International Markets is excellent and undoubtedly he will be the first point of contact for any recruitment advise for a company.
    Another value of Brian's work is that he is direct and precise in the estimate of his Client's possibilities on the market.
    Brian specialises in the technical side of architectural recruitment and has very specific search criteria to bring the right candidate on the table in the estimated time.
    Brian differs from other recruiter's in recruitment industry with his in-depth practical knowledge of possible issues while helping client to re-allocate from town/country/continent to another.
    I must mentioned that Brian makes recruitment very smooth and easy process thanks to his dedication and professionalism.
    He is truly an asset to an Organisation, who will help company to have a good engagement with Clients.
    Make your recruitment process easy by allowing Brian to deal with all of your recruitment needs.

    Brian is truly one of the best recruitment Consultant, Happy to recommend him and More Recruitment.

    - SAP Specialist
  • Customer Service Manager

    Swift, professional, flexible and with a personal touch, are perhaps the best terms to describe the service provided by More Recruitment. I have been a satisfied client for several years, thanks to the professional approach adopted by Joost and his team, and they require only a brief description in order to select the ideal candidate.

    - Customer Service Manager
  • Project Manager

    I applied for a project manager vacancy, and was swiftly put in touch with Joost Cornelissen, a partner and consultant at More Recruitment. We held our introductory meeting in the form of a video conference, proceeding to continually exchange views with one another throughout the recruitment process. I therefore have to admit:

    - Joost Cornelissen speaks frankly, while also behaving positively and politely and providing relevant and worthwhile information. His teammates at More Recruitment are also marvellous, as they offered me a warm welcome and ample assistance.

    - He has a sound understanding of both the position in question and the hiring company’s existing workforce.

    In the end, the position on offer suited me to a tee and I signed a contract of employment with the company.

    I sincerely commend Joost Cornelissen and More Recruitment for their professionalism and responsiveness, and thank them again for their assistance and advice. I eagerly look forward to assuming the role in August!

    - Project Manager

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