Forms of employment

More Recruitment offers various forms of employment contract. In this regard, we abide by the requirements of our clients, who naturally decide on the type of contract to be offered. Given the variety of vacancies and forms of employment we offer, we can nevertheless serve large numbers of jobseekers. We offer temporary vacancies, for example, when the client requires a replacement during maternity leave. If you would prefer to commit yourself to an employer for a longer period of time, however, then apply for a permanent vacancy. The following are the forms of employment we offer:

Recruitment & Selection

Throughout the recruitment process, we focus on both the candidate’s and the client’s wishes and requirements. The client decides which form of contract it offers you: in the case of Recruitment & Selection, you may be offered either a permanent or a fixed-term contract. As a successful candidate, you will be employed directly by the client.

Job placement

Both temporary and permanent vacancies can be filled on the basis of job placement. In this case, the client opts to initially engage the candidate through More Recruitment. Once you have worked for the client on the basis of job placement through More Recruitment for a certain period of time, you may then be engaged directly by the client.

Interim assignments

Employment positions of a temporary nature may also be filled by self-employed persons (SEP or interim employee). As an SEP, you invoice More Recruitment for the hours you work for the client. In addition, interim vacancies can also be filled on the basis of job placement.

We abide by the requirements of our clients when it comes to the form of contract to be offered. The one organisation may initially opt to engage you on a temporary contract, subsequently offering you permanent employment. In this case, you work through More Recruitment for a while, after which the client may opt to employ you directly. The other organisation may opt to offer you a contract directly. In that case, we bear responsibility for recruitment and selection of a suitable candidate only.

We also offer interim assignments, however. These are temporary assignments that you perform as a self-employed person. In that case, you invoice More Recruitment for the hours you work.

If you are engaged to work for one of our clients on a temporary basis, then you will be legally contracted by our flex partner. All About Flex carries out the back office duties, such as your contract and salary, on More Recruitment’s behalf. It not only applies the collective bargaining agreement (CAO) for the Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), but is also NEN certified. Our close cooperation with one another enables us to serve our clients and candidates on numerous fronts. Read more about our approach below.

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Have you found a vacancy among our selection that perfectly matches your wishes and experience? If so, do not hesitate to apply! You can register swiftly and conveniently by completing the application form. Add your CV as an attachment, and one of our experienced consultants will set to work straight away.

Personal interview
If we feel your profile suitably matches the duties and responsibilities that the job profile calls for, we will contact you. In that case, we invite you to attend a personal interview at our offices. We will discuss your experience and background, your wishes for a new position and the fringe benefits. In addition, we will prepare you as well as possible for the job interviews ahead. We also share information about the client that is to interview you, so that you can make adequate preparations.

Introduction to the client

After our introductory meeting at our office, we will acquaint the client with your profile. We will also provide a brief summary of the matters we discussed with you. This includes aspects such as your reasons for applying, your work experience and your qualities and any points for attention. In addition, we acquaint the client with the sort of fringe benefits you would expect.

If the client is interested, we will schedule a job interview for you. We would also be pleased to a schedule a follow-up interview with you afterward, during which we hope to be able to offer you a great new job.

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