Recruitment Manager / Consultant

My own induction into the wonderful world of the recruiter began back in 2010. While I simply say “you send people to fill companies’ vacancies” whenever a stranger asks, to make it easy on myself in particular :), this job offers just the sort of challenge/complexity I was looking for in a commercial position. Our “product” talks and has its own opinions and needs, just as our clients do. Putting the two together therefore amounts to merging two different frames of reference. This is exactly where the challenge and complexity lies, assuming that the candidate may sooner or later become your client, too. I have personally experienced both the American and Dutch ways of running this kind of business, at equally successful corporate recruitment agencies. And then, of course, there is our approach, which comprises a blend of all the favourable aspects of the two with a personal touch!



I have loved getting to know people all my life, as I find it very rewarding. Understanding, advising and persuading people are things I have to do on a daily basis, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. My job as a consultant at More Recruitment allows me to perfectly combine my interest and belief in other people and my commercial drive, ensuring that each day has a successful outcome. While success is not always the key to happiness, happiness is certainly the key to success, and I can assist you in that regard!


Managing Partner

Our slogan “bringing needs together” basically says it all! Bringing people and organisations together is my passion. Being a consultant in a frank and transparent way. A critical partner with a healthy commercial drive. “Bringing needs together” also means pleasure to me. Working hard every day, while taking pleasure in what you do. I am proud of what we have jointly managed to achieve in recent years. More Recruitment = “Bringing needs together”


Managing Partner

Meeting, speaking to and figuring out different kinds of people and their personalities has always greatly appealed to me. Moreover, my commercial drive really comes into its own in the hectic, yet marvellous world of recruitment. As co-founder of More Recruitment I believe in supplying quality to the client and candidate alike. Thanks to our carefully established network, personal contact and ability to listening attentively, we are highly capable of matching the client’s and candidate’s needs. The fact that we enjoy what we do generates an enthusiastic, professional and informal atmosphere within our dynamic organisation, which creates scope for ambition.


Managing Partner

My career revolves around clearly identifying people’s wishes and needs. Getting into recruitment was therefore a favourable move for me in terms of my personal expression. In my view, there is nothing quite as satisfying as introducing two parties to one another, who proceed to forge a successful relationship. Having previously worked for an international corporate organisation, I discovered that I have a quite different vision of recruitment to others. To me, the advisory aspect, personal contact and a comfortable setting are vital factors in this field. Furthermore, I get a great deal of satisfaction from being in charge of a team and inducing people to get the best out of themselves. It was therefore with considerable passion that we founded More Recruitment in 2013! A flexible, dynamic organisation that is characterized by its personal approach, a healthy sense of humour and passionate professionals!


Office Manager

I have been the mainstay of office operations since 2016! We all (Gertjan, Jimmy and Joost) worked for the same international firm a good few years back. After a brief diversion, returning to tourism sector for a while, I’m back in the employment mediation business and working at More Recruitment. I’m like a fish in water in both this industry and my current position! I enjoy coming to work every day, and it is a great feeling to both witness and be part of the growth we have achieved during the past few years. I remain part of the team, despite the fact I play a different role to the others. And I have to compliment my colleagues in that regard. Everyone is highly motivated, enthusiastic and open. We work very well together, which is also the power of More Recruitment!



As a consultant at More Recruitment, I am the link between organisations in need of new employees and professionals who are considering taking a new job. Building a strong bond of trust with my candidates really appeals to me. I would describe working at More Recruitment as a dynamic and professional job! I adopt a highly motivated approach to eagerly pursuing the best possible results on a daily basis.