Managing Partner

My own induction into the wonderful world of the recruiter began back in 2010. While I simply say “you send people to fill companies’ vacancies” whenever a stranger asks, to make it easy on myself in particular :), this job offers just the sort of challenge/complexity I was looking for in a commercial position. Our “product” talks and has its own opinions and needs, just as our clients do. Putting the two together therefore amounts to merging two different frames of reference. This is exactly where the challenge and complexity lies, assuming that the candidate may sooner or later become your client, too. I have personally experienced both the American and Dutch ways of running this kind of business, at equally successful corporate recruitment agencies. And then, of course, there is our approach, which comprises a blend of all the favourable aspects of the two with a personal touch!


Managing Partner

Our slogan “bringing needs together” basically says it all! Bringing people and organisations together is my passion. Being a consultant in a frank and transparent way. A critical partner with a healthy commercial drive. “Bringing needs together” also means pleasure to me. Working hard every day, while taking pleasure in what you do. I am proud of what we have jointly managed to achieve in recent years. More Recruitment = “Bringing needs together”


Managing Partner

Meeting, speaking to and figuring out different kinds of people and their personalities has always greatly appealed to me. Moreover, my commercial drive really comes into its own in the hectic, yet marvellous world of recruitment. As co-founder of More Recruitment I believe in supplying quality to the client and candidate alike. Thanks to our carefully established network, personal contact and ability to listening attentively, we are highly capable of matching the client’s and candidate’s needs. The fact that we enjoy what we do generates an enthusiastic, professional and informal atmosphere within our dynamic organisation, which creates scope for ambition.


Managing Partner

My career revolves around clearly identifying people’s wishes and needs. Getting into recruitment was therefore a favourable move for me in terms of my personal expression. In my view, there is nothing quite as satisfying as introducing two parties to one another, who proceed to forge a successful relationship. Having previously worked for an international corporate organisation, I discovered that I have a quite different vision of recruitment to others. To me, the advisory aspect, personal contact and a comfortable setting are vital factors in this field. Furthermore, I get a great deal of satisfaction from being in charge of a team and inducing people to get the best out of themselves. It was therefore with considerable passion that we founded More Recruitment in 2013! A flexible, dynamic organisation that is characterized by its personal approach, a healthy sense of humour and passionate professionals!


Recruitment Teamlead

As a consultant at More Recruitment, I am the link between organisations in need of new employees and professionals who are considering taking a new job. Building a strong bond of trust with my candidates really appeals to me. I would describe working at More Recruitment as a dynamic and professional job! I adopt a highly motivated approach to eagerly pursuing the best possible results on a daily basis.



At More Recruitment I am active as a Resourcer, driven by my strong belief in the importance of building valuable connections. My passion lies in understanding what drives people and how I can have a meaningful impact on their professional journey. In my role as a Resourcer, I combine my enthusiasm for building relationships with my talent identification skills, bridging the gap between individuals and career opportunities. Creating valuable connections is central to my mission at More Recruitment.



After my studies I decided to thrive into recruitment and dive into understanding candidates and clients to ensure an excellent collaboration. The dopamine boost when making a placement is like no other! More Recruitment is the place for my skills and passion. The core values of More are what make it all possible, having an honest honesty and ambitious team where everyone has the eyes on the prize. Recruitment has a multifaceted nature and poses new daily challenges which require adaptation, fast-pace problem solving, patience, and lots of enthusiasm. I bring this to the table to ensure a strategic match between candidates and organizations guaranteeing success.



After achieving my VWO certificate i chose to come work at More Recruitment. An organisation where i can develop and learn a lot, I found this at More Recruitment. Within More Recruitment there is a lot of room for self improvement. I support the team were necessary and help in the searh for qualified candidates. Speaking to new people everyday and being able to help them is what makes working at More so much fun. 



After university, I aimed to pursue a career aligned with the people-centric values of my legal background, leading me to recruitment. My legal training equipped me with analytical and communication skills that seamlessly apply to talent acquisition. Attention to detail aids in candidate evaluation, and negotiation skills strengthen relationships with clients and candidates. In recruitment, daily interactions with diverse individuals offer networking opportunities and build lasting connections. This dynamic environment aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations, allowing me to contribute to both individual and organizational success.